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Kary Iris Gardens

Kary Iris Gadens - New Day Dawning

Kary Iris Gardens ~ 6201 E. Calle Rosa ~ Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 ~ (480) 949-0253 ~ email: KaryIrisGardens@msn.com

Garden available for viewing  10 am - 2 pm on April 3rd, 9th, 10th, 17th & 24th.

2016 Catalog

Orders will be accepted between April 1 - September 1, 2016

Iris are limited, please order early for the best selection.

please print our Order Form, fill out and return to us by mail or email


Arilbred iris

  Type Variety Description Price
photo coming soon AB AR ALAKAZAM Tasco, R 2013 Self: light pink-lavender heavily veined dark burgundy violet; Beards: golden bronze 36" M $8.00
Bhutan AB OGB BHUTAN Tasco, R 2010 Standards: wisteria blue; Style Arms & Crests: old-gold; Falls: champagne veined burgundy; Signal: small burgundy black; Beards: tipped henna b brown; Pollen: yellow 32" ML $5.00
photo coming soon OGB+ BIG BLACK BUMBLEBEE Danielson, H 1966 Standards: deep amethyst-pink veined darker mulberry. Falls: darker than standards. Beards: bronze. Signal: large black. 24" EM $4.00
photo coming soon OGB BYZANTINE RUBY Baumunk, L 2009. Standards and style arms: lavender lightly veined darker. Falls: lavender with slightly more red than standards. Beards: yellow. Signals: bright maroon-red. 26"M $7.00
photo coming soon AB OGB+ CODE TALKER McAllister, S 1995 Standards: violet ground, rosy tan edge; Style Arms: white; Falls: iridescent blue violet, tan edge; Signal: burgundy cherry red; Beards: white. 22" EM $4.00
photo coming soon AB OGB CROWN OF SPLENDOR McGrath, P 2005 Standards: near white with faint lilac veins; Style Arms & Falls: beige gold; Signals: large dark red with some stippling, onco form; Beards: mustard. 24" EM $6.00
photo coming soon AB OGB DARK MARAUDER McGrath, P 2012 Standards: dark lavender to violet; Falls: dark burgundy, lightly veined; Beards: dark rust brown; Signals: dark. 22" EM $7.00
photo coming soon AB OGB DESERT FURY Shockey, H 1994 self: dark mulberry red; Signal: diffused red black with dark red lower band; Beards: dark red; slight musky fragrance 30" M $4.00
photo coming soon AB OGB DESERT PLUM Hager, B 1992 self: smoky mauve purple, silky texture; Signal: black maroon; Beards: bronze black 34" ML $4.00
photo coming soon AB OGB ENCHANTER'S SPELL Tasco, R 2013 Standards: violet, veined darker; Style Arms: light orange-maze; Falls: oxblood-red; Signals: plush black; Beards: burgundy, brown ends. 36" M $8.00
photo coming soon AB OGB FIRE IN THE HOLE McGrath, P 2010 Standards & Style Arms: pale violet; Falls: same with some veining; Signals: dark burgundy; Beards: yellow gold. 28" EM $6.00
photo coming soon AB OGB FIRST CHAPTER Wilson, G F 1995 Standards: violet purple; Falls: cream ground, rose red edge; Signal: maroon-black 33" EM $3.00
photo coming soon AB OGB+ FLASH OF VIOLET McAllister, S 1998 Standards: soft blue violet grounded veined gold; Style Arms greenish buff; Falls: pale greenish buff veined gold, blue violet center; Beards: golden brown 24" EM $4.00
photo coming soon AB RB GENETIC ARTIST Danielson, H 1972 Self: Odd combination of bronzy yellow and blue, center of petals to sides of ribs metallic lavender-blue; edges strongly colored red-bronze with tints of henna; Beard: lavender 30" EM $4.00
photo coming soon RB- GENETIC BURST Danielson, H 1977. Standards: oyster white. Falls: light blue. Beard: electric blue. 24" EM $4.00
photo coming soon AB OGB- HAKUNA MATATA Cadd, A & D 2000 Standards: yellow, brown infusion; Style Arms: darker yellow; Falls: darker yellow, maroon brown lines around beard; Beards: brown; ruffled; musky fragrance 26" VE $4.00
photo coming soon AB OGB LU'S CHILD Eaves, D 2010 Standards: palest yellow; Style Arms: yellow; Style Crests: yellow, lined brown; Falls: yellow ground sanded maroon-brown; Beards: dark maroon-brown 31" M $5.00
photo coming soon AB OGB LUELLA DEE Wilson, G F 1997 Standards: pale violet, lightly veined violet; Falls: cream, lightly veined and dotted violet; Signal: large soft brown; Beards: wide, grey with hairs tipped orange 32" E $3.00
photo coming soon AB OB/ MOHR PRETENDER Rich, L 1978 self: pale blue; Beards: brown, bright purple feather at tip 34" M $3.00
photo coming soon AB OGB- MOHRIC ART Peterson, L 1986 Standards: ruffled pale silver blue; Style Arms & Falls: off white, deep brown stigmatic lip; Signal: small brown red; Beards: deep brown. 28" EL $3.00
photo coming soon AB OGB MONDSEE Mathes, H 1982 Standards: ice blue; Falls: ice blue with darker spots 31" E $3.00
photo coming soon OGB NETTED BRONZE Boswell, C 1986. Standards: light bronze yellow, venined darker. Falls: pale brownish-maroon center to yellowish-tan at edge, veined darker. Beards: bronze. 29" E $4.00
photo coming soon AB OB- PHLOX PINK Linse, R 1956 Standards: phlox pink; Falls: phlox pink shading orchid; Signals: faint violet; Beards: golden yellow 40" E $3.00
photo coming soon AB OGB- PRIDE OF ALABAMA Eaves, D 2009 Standards: ruffled, lavender, tan midrib; Falls: wide, lavender, hafts buff, dark violet streaked rust spot under beards; Beards: lavender tipped rust. $5.00
photo coming soon AB OGB SAND DANCER Tasco, R 2010 Standards: creamy tan heavily veined red-brown; Style Arms: bronze; Falls: creamy tan ground, heavily veined and dotted red-brown; Beards: bronze-yellow; purple based foliage 32" M $6.00
photo coming soon AB OGB SHALOM Foster, D 1972 Standards: violet veined darker; Style Arms: amber and rose; Falls: peach; Signals: maroon; Beards: brown 27" E $3.00
photo coming soon AB OGB SHAVE FIRST McAllister, S 2009 Standards: near white; Style Arms: butter yellow; Falls: burgundy wash over yellow ground: Signals: large V-shaped burgundy; Beards: yellow-orange; scraggly 28" M $5.00
photo coming soon AB OGB+ SKIES ALWAYS BLUE McAllister, S 2005 standards: sky blue; Falls: pale blue heavily veined rust; Signals: large black with violet wash below, yellow hairline rim; Beards: yellow and mustard 24" EM $4.00
photo coming soon AN OGB SNOW OVER CHICAGO Danielson, H 1978 Standards: white; Falls: pale yellow; Style Arms: greenish; Beards: yellow 20" E $3.00
photo coming soon   STUN GUN Chacon, C 2009. Standards: medium violet. Style Arms: ivory lined violet. Crest: violet. Falls: ivory overlaid violet, maroon veining.Beards: greyed voilet. Signals: large maroon-black. 25" E $5.00
photo coming soon AB OGB SWEETNESS AND LIGHT Wilson, G F 1993 Standards: amethyst violet; Style Arms: yellow; Falls: rose; Signals: oxblood red; Beards: pale violet, brown and mustard; Fragrance: pronounced sweet. 28" EM $3.00
photo coming soon AB OGB- SWORD OF GOLD McAllister, S 1992 Standards: pale lavender; Style Arms: tan cream; Falls: tan yellow; Signals: dual, black spot with red brown ring; Beards: gold, long thin, sword shaped 27" M $4.00
photo coming soon AB OGB TRIBUTE TO TOM McAllister, S 2006 Standards: dark purple with smoky overlay; Falls: reddish lavender with intense smoky overlay; Signal: reddish; Beards: dark brown 28" M $5.00
photo coming soon AB OGB TURKISH HEART Shockey, H 1990 standards: white flushed yellow; Falls: yellow; Signals: large heart-shaped brown-black; Beards: yellow; slight sweet fragrance 28" E $3.00
photo coming soon OGB TURKISH HERALD Shockey, H 1990. Standards: white flushed yellow. Falls: yellow. Beards: yellow. Signals: large heart-shaped brown-black. Fragrance: slight sweet. 28"E $3.00
photo coming soon AB OGB UNCLAIMED TREASURE McAllister, S 1990 Standards: intense iridescent violet; Falls: bright copper with bronze overlay on violet purple base; Signals: maroon black; Beards: mustard, tipped maroon 29" EM $3.00
photo coming soon OGB ZERZURA Hager, B 1990. Standards: white. Style Arms: pale yellow. Falls: White. Beards: greenish-yellow. Signals: black. 31" M $4.00
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Louisiana iris

  Type Variety Description Price
photo coming soon LA CRUSHED ICE Pryor, H 1996 Self: white, opening pale cream, veined petals; Style Arms: white, yellow ribs; Signals: yellow to green line 39" EM $5.00
photo coming soon LA DURAL BLUEBEARD Taylor, J 1993. Self: ruffled blue violet. Signals: yellow. 44" ML $5.00
photo coming soon LA EXTRA DAZZLE Pryor, H 2006. Self: dark cyclamen rose rimmed white, lemon reversed, intense white sunray pattern. Style Arms: strong lime. Signal: long lime steeple-shaped. 40" E $8.00
photo coming soon LA KRISTIN NICHOLAS Albers, D/Whohoit Standards: deep fuchsia-red: Style Arms: deep fuchsia, edged purple, silver wire rim; Falls: same as style arms, purple center stripe; Signals: small gold line. 28" M $8.00
photo coming soon LA LITTLE RUBY SLIPPERS Pryor, B 2000 self: ruby red, lemon rim and reverse; Signals: all petals, bright yellow starburst; Style Arms: ruby red, lemon tipped fringe; heavily ruffled 32" EM $6.00
photo coming soon LA MAC'S BLUE HEAVEN McMillan, W 1973. Self: full violet. Signals: white. 30"M $5.00
photo coming soon LA MENTIDA Norris, S 1981 Self: deep cobalt violet; Signals: yellow 38" M $5.00
photo coming soon LA NUTCOTE Pryor, H 2001 self: ice blue; Signals: green line; Style Arms: lemon; Falls: ice blue with faint green veining; Signals: bright orange line; ruffled 38" E & RE $6.00
photo coming soon LA RED VELVET ELVIS Vaughn, K 1997. Standards: dark red-black. Style Arms: near black. Falls: velvety dark red-black. Signals: Orange-yellow spear-shaped. Ruffled: lightly. Fragrance: musky. 32" M $6.00
photo coming soon LA RILLA HICKERSON Campbell/ Wilhoit 2007 Self: light lavender veined deeper; Signals: yellow line; lightly ruffled musky fragrance 32" M $6.00
photo coming soon LA SECRET RENDEZVOUS Pryor, H 2010 Standards: pink; Signals: fine lime green veined; Style Arms: lemon; Falls: cerise pink: Signals: raised lime steeple with maroon surround; ruffled 40" E $7.00
photo coming soon LA STARLITE STARBRIGHT Granger, M 1989 Self: White; Signals: small greenish yellow; Fragrance: slight. 24" M $6.00
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Spuria iris

  Type Variety Description Price
photo coming soon SPU BELISE Simonet, M 1967 self: blue lavender 36" M $4.00
photo coming soon SPU BLOOD OF EDEN Hedgecock, J 2009 Standards: mahogany red-black; Falls: same; Signals: small burnt gold; flared; ruffled; Fragrance: slight sweet. 32" ML $8.00
photo coming soon SPU COLOR FOCUS Jenkins, C 1990. Standards: light purple. Falls: ivory ground, purple edge. Signals: large yellow raidiating purple lines. Ruffled: falls. 45" EM $6.00
photo coming soon SPU DUSTY TRAILS Wickenkamp, F 1984. Self: medium yellow blend, peppered overall with tiny brown dots. Style Arms: light yellow. 39" ML $5.00
photo coming soon SPU ELFIN'S SUNSHINE Jenkins, C 1998. Self: pale yellow blending to deep yellow at base of petals. Style Arms: small flowers. 30" EML $6.00
photo coming soon SPU IMPERIAL BRONZE McCown 1971 self: vivid yellow, heavily veined brown (overall effect is deep bronze); Signal: tiny, yellow 40" M $4.00
photo coming soon SPU KAIBAB TRAIL Wickencamp 1985 self: dark red; Signals: large full yellow 37" M $5.00
photo coming soon SPU LOVE FOR LEILA Wickencamp 1986 Standards: deep violet; Falls: deep violet shading; Signals: small brown and gold 35" M $5.00
photo coming soon SPU MYSTIC MESA Wickenkamp, F 1985. Standards: cream with dark violet edging near base. Falls: cream, shadign to gold at center, occasional hint of lavender at edges. 43" M $5.00
photo coming soon SPU ORO DE SONORA Wickencamp 1990 Standards: gold; Falls: gold, narrow orange stripe on midrib 54" ML $6.00
photo coming soon SPU PICACHO PEAK Wickencamp 1988 Standards: reddish maroon-brown; Falls: bright golden yellow, edged brownish red 36" M $5.00
photo coming soon SPU REDWOOD SUPREME Niswonger, O 1979 Standards: dark brown; Falls: orange, edged dark brown 40" M $5.00
photo coming soon SPU RODEO BLUE Jenkins, C 1994. Standards: sky blue. Style Arms: blue. Falls: blue blending to white. Signals: yellow radiating to white. 42" E $6.00
photo coming soon SPU SERIOUSLY Johnsen, L 2010 Standards: white veined pale yellow at base; Style Arms: creamy; Falls: white; Signals: large light yellow, white border; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance 38" ML $8.00
photo coming soon SPU SHORT CIRCUIT Cadd, A & D 2002 Standards: deep lemon yellow; Style Arms: cream yellow; Falls: deep lemon yellow 29" ML $5.00
photo coming soon SPU SKY DANCER Hedgecock, J 2010 Self: orchid blue. Signals: bright yellow sunray-pattern. Ruffled: heavily. Fragrance: slight sweet. 35" L $8.00
photo coming soon SPU SONORAN CABALLERO Wickencamp 1989 Dark violet blue ( near navy blue), small tan signal with dark greenish lines, white to lavender styles 41" EM $6.00
photo coming soon SPU SONORAN SENORITA Wickencamp 1989 Self: orange yellow; ruffled falls. 35" EM $6.00
photo coming soon SPU SONORAN SUNSET Wickencamp 1993 Standards: full red-brown; Falls: ruffled and wavy full red-brown, yellow blaze extending in rays into base color 41" M $6.00
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Tall Bearded iris

  Type Variety Description Price
photo coming soon TB ADVENTUROUS Sutton, M 2010 Standards: yellow, slightly veined white; Style Arms: yellow. Falls: violet-blue veined light blue, 3/4" ruby red band; Beards: violet, blue at end; slight sweet fragrance 35" ML $8.00
photo coming soon TB ALPINE BUTTERFLY Blyth, B 2008. Standards: white. Falls: pastel lavender, violet on sides of beards. Beards: white, tipped bright red. 40" ML $6.00
photo coming soon TB AMARILLO FRILLS Hager, B 2002. Self: lacy yelllow. Beards: yellow. 37" EM $5.00
photo coming soon TB AMERICAN ORIGINAL Tasco, R 2014. Standards: yellow-white ground, dark urgundy wash. Style Arms: amber-gold. Falls: burgundy plicata wash. Beards: tipped golden-red-brown. Foliage: purple based. Fragrance: pronounced citrus. 41" EM $18.00
photo coming soon TB ANASAZI LEGEND Edwards, F 2011 Standards: dark blue satin; Falls: black velvet; Beards: sunflower; ruffled 34" M $9.00
photo coming soon TB APRIL JEWEL Lauer, L 2000. Standards: pink. Style Arms: orange buff. Falls: orange buff with pink cast. Beards: tangerine red, small horn. Ruffled and lightly laced. Fragrance: pronounced sweet. 34" M $4.00
photo coming soon TB BACKDRAFT Stout, H 2009. Standards: peach-pink, gold edge. Style Arms: peach-pink. Falls: garnet, pink edge, small white area on hafts. Beards: orange red. Fragrance: slight. 38" M $6.00
photo coming soon TB BE MINE Byers, M 1986. Self: pink. Beards: deep orange-red. lightly ruffled and laced. Fragrance: slight spicy. 36" EL $4.00
photo coming soon TB BETTER THAN BUTTER Black, P 2010. Standards: white, narrow bright yellow bands. Style Arms: white, yellow crests. Falls: yellow darkening toward edge of narrow gold band. Beards: pale yellow.  41" EML $7.00
photo coming soon TB BOLD AS LOVE Lauer, L 2003. Self: peach pink. Beards: red. Fragrance: pronounced sweet. Ruffled: heavy. 35"  EM $5.00
photo coming soon TB BRIGHT SUNSHINY DAY Johnson, T 2010 Standards and Style Arms: bright yellow; Falls: glowing yellow overlaid mahogany veins, gold band; Beards: golden yellow; musky fragrance 41" M $8.00
photo coming soon TB BRUSSELS Johnson, T 2004. Standards: medium dark blue. Falls: icy white blue. Beards: white. Ruffled: heavy. Fragrance: slight sweet. 36" M $5.00
photo coming soon TB BY DESIGN  Kerr, F 2005 Standards & Style Arms: blue white, stigmatic lip blue; Falls: near blue-black, white ray pattern by beard; Beards: tangerine red. 35" M $5.00
photo coming soon TB BY JEEVES Blyth, B 2008 Standards: lavender lilac; Falls: rich violet, well defined 1/4" lilac edge, veined white pattern around beard, lilac reverse; Beards: tangerine; ruffled 36" EM $6.00
photo coming soon TB CANTINA Byers, M 1990 Standards: medium red violet; Falls: medium violet, bordered bright red violet; Beards: violet and gold; ruffled 35" M&RE $4.00
photo coming soon TB CHARLESTON Keppel, K 2002, Standards: white, 3/4" royal purple edge. Style Arms: royal purple. Falls: white, 1/2" darker purple edge. Beards: blue white. Ruffled and laced. 42" M $4.00
photo coming soon TB CLOUD REFLECTION Edwards, F 2009 Standards: white with faint lavender tint; Falls: pristine white 38" VE&RE $7.00
photo coming soon TB CORAL DANCER Edwards, F 2010 Standards: coral; Falls: coral, lighter around beard; Beards: red; heavily ruffled 36" EM $8.00
photo coming soon TB DESERT ROUNDELAY Edwards, F 2012 Standards: light purple, darker at midrib; Falls: white, narrow buff rim; old gold hafts and style crests; Beards: white, yellow in throat 36" EM & RE $10.00
photo coming soon TB DESERT SONATA Edwards, F 2010 Standards: shell pink, narrow gold edge; Style Arms: pink gold crests/edges; Falls: cream blending to iridescent pink-gold rim, gold hafts; Beards: orange 38" EM $8.00
photo coming soon TB DRAGON KING Tasco, R 2011. Standards: magenta-mauve. Style Arms: lemon-amber. Falls: red-orchid veined dark burgundy-black, slight magenta-mauve rim. Beards: dark burnt orange. 37" EM $8.00
photo coming soon TB DRAMA QUEEN Keppel, K 2003. Standards: near solid dark blackish-purple. Falls: similar with golden-buff brown. Beard: rustyorange brown. Fragrance: slightl sweet. 38" EM $4.00
photo coming soon TB DREAM TEAM Johnson, T 2007 Standards & Style Arms: white; Falls: medium yellow green; Beards: orange, ruffled, Fragrance: sweet. 35" E $6.00
photo coming soon TB DRINKS AT SUNSET Blyth, B 2002. Standards: terra cotta rose. Falls: terra cotta rose overlaid light rose burgundy, 1/4" terra cotta rose edge. Beards: tangerine. Fragrance: sweet. 36" M $5.00
photo coming soon TB EASTER WONDER Valenzuela, M 2008 Standards: lavender pink, Style Arms: melon tan; Falls: white, speckled with purple dots toward wide purple edge, dark dart beneath beard; Beards: violet tipped bronze 38" E $6.00
photo coming soon TB FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES Gio, J 2007. Self: white, green around beards. Beards: white. 33" EML $7.00
photo coming soon TB GOLDEN PANTHER Tasco, R 2000 Self: gold overlaid bronze; Beards: bright golden orange; heavily ruffled. 34" M $5.00
photo coming soon TB GREAT GRINS GORDON Burseen, T 2005. Standards: light shell pink. Falls: indian pink, darker top half, washed cream at edges, flared. Beards: scarlet, shell pink flounces. Ruffled. 38" M $5.00
photo coming soon TB GYPSY LORD Keppel, K 2006. Standards: blue white. Falls: blue violet marbled wash and wire rim on paler blue, white center and halfts veined violet. Beards: paprika. 40" ML $6.00
photo coming soon TB JOLT Wiler, J 1988. Self: lightly wavy ruffled fiery orange, small yellow spot at end of beard. Beards: carrot red. 32" ML $5.00
photo coming soon TB JURASSIC PARK Lauer, L 1995. Standards: canary yellow. Falls: lavender blue purple, yellow veining and edging. Beards: yellow, tipped blue purple. Fragrance: slightly sweet. 36" EM $4.00
photo coming soon TB KICKAPOO KANGAROO Kasperek, B 2008 Standards: light lavender pink, white streaking; Falls: red purple, streaked white; Beards: tangerine; ruffled, semi flaring. 32" EM $6.00
photo coming soon TB LILAC MORNING Edwards, F 2010 Self: pink lilac; Beards: yellow 38" EM $8.00
photo coming soon TB MAGICAL Ghio, J 2008 Standards: peach pink; Falls: creamy peach, deeper peach shoulders; Beards: light coral. 37" EM $6.00
photo coming soon TB MEN IN BLACK Lauer, L 1998. Standards: ruffled blackish-purple. Falls: same with deep lavender central flush. Beards: deep purple tipped mustard. Fragrance: slight sweet fragrance. 34" ML $4.00
photo coming soon TB METEOR SHOWER Lauer, L 2002. Standards: amber yellow flushed apricot. Style Arms: amber yellow flushed violet. Falls: plumpurple. Beards: violet with blue horn. Ruffled: lightly. Fragrance: pronounced sweet. 33" M $4.00
photo coming soon TB MIDNIGHT KITTY Edwards, F 2011 Standards: black with dark red undertones; Falls: same with small white lines around beard: Beards: black 34" EM $10.00
photo coming soon TB NEON COWBOY Bradshaw, H 1998. Standards: reddish black. Falls: same with mauve rim and white spray pattern below beard. Beards: yellow, violet at end. Ruffled: lightly. 42" M $4.00
photo coming soon TB ONE OF A KIND Black, P 2010 Standards: lilac, red plum veins, intermittent brass gilt rim; Style Arms: lilac, red plum crests; Falls: velvety black cherry; Beards: old gold. 35" ML $8.00
photo coming soon TB PAGEANT'S GOWN Painter, L 2010standards: lavender violet; Falls: bishop's violet; Beards: purple base, hairs tipped rust; laced; Fragrance: slight sweet. 36" M $8.00
photo coming soon TB PASSION AND PURITY Schreiner's Garden 2006. Standards: white. Falls: violet purple with 1/4" white rim. Beards: gold tipped white. 40" M $5.00
photo coming soon TB PEGGY SUE Lauer, L 2006. Standards: dawn pink. Style Arms: venetian pink. Falls: orient pink. Beards: mandarin red. Ruffled: lightly. Fragrance: procounced sweet. 34" EML & RE $5.00
photo coming soon TB PLASTIC MONEY 2008 Burseen, T - Standards: light sea lavender-violet; Falls: creamy amber; Beards: carrot red, fat, fuzzy, horns; Ruffled. 36" M $6.00
photo coming soon TB PRIME POWER
Richard Tasco 2006 Cantaloupe orange; B. tangerine orange, orange at end; moderately ruffled and laced; slight sweet fragrance.  36"ML
photo coming soon TB PURE AS GOLD Maryott, W 1993. Self: smooth deep gold. Beards: deeper gold. Ruffled: heavily. 34" L & RE $5.00
photo coming soon TB PURR FORM MINTS Burseen, T 2007 Standards: creamy white, Style Arms: cream; Falls: white, yellow hafts & undersides; Beards: white, tangerine at end, large spoons; wavy ruffles; slight sweet fragrance 36" ML $6.00
photo coming soon TB RACHEL JULIA Edwards, F 2009 Standards: light yellow; Falls: rose-violet with ruffled brown rim; Beards: yellow 36" ML $7.00
photo coming soon TB SARAH ROSE Edwards, F 2011 Self: pastel pink; ruffled and laced. 39" ML $9.00
photo coming soon TB SCOONCHEE DeSantis, P 1997 Standards: dark plum violet; Falls: velvety dark plum violet; Beards: violet blue; slight fragrance 42" E $4.00
photo coming soon TB SHARP DRESSED MAN JOhnson, T 2010. Standards: medium pink. Falls: purple-black with slightly lighter rim, velvety. Beards: bright orange. Ruffled: yes. Fragrance: sweet. 36" M $8.00
photo coming soon TB SMART BLONDE Cadd, A & D 2002. Standards: porcelain white with gold border. Style Arms: creamy white. Falls: white with tan shoulder area. Beards: bright orange. Ruffled and laced. 39" M $4.00
photo coming soon TB SMOKY SHADOWS Tasco, R 2010. Standards: brownish-brick red. Style arms: golden yellow with brownish red crests. Falls: velvety dark cherry-black. Beards: golden-bronze. Ruffled. Purple based foliage. Fragrance: slight. 34" L $8.00
photo coming soon TB SMOLDERING FIRE Nicodemus, B 2004 Self: lightly ruffled smooth sooty black tinted red; Falls: velvety, flared; Beards: dark rusty sienna, base red black. 34" EM $5.00
photo coming soon TB SPLASHACATA Tasco, R 1998 Standards & Style Arms: violet; Falls: white ground purple dots heavier at edge; Beards: white; lightly ruffled 35" M $5.00
photo coming soon TB STOLEN IDENTITY Burseen, T 2007. Standards: white, open. Style Arms: white, fine yellow edges. Falls: amethyst violet with splotches. Beards: huge red with short fuzzy purple horns. Ruffled. 30" E $7.00
photo coming soon TB STORM RIDER Tasco, R 2013. Standards: dark shiny plum-purple. Falls: velvety dark burgundy-black. Beards: dark red squirrel-brown. Ruffled: lightly. 36" M $12.00
photo coming soon TB STORMY SUNRISE Edwards, F 2015 self: unique combination of purple, brown and gold; Beards: bright orange; 30" E&RE $24.00
photo coming soon TB STRUCK TWICE Lauer, L 2009 Standards: white. Orient pink midrib; Style Arms: orient pink; Falls: azalea pink, lighter shoulders; Beards: mandarin red; Ruffled; Fragrance: sweet. 37" EM&RE $7.00
photo coming soon TB SWIRLING SKIRTS Burseen, T 2013. Standards: pure white. Style Arms: pale pink. Falls: violet-blue, light blue edges. Beards: mandolin red-orange. Ruffled: very. Fragrance: spicy. 36" L $15.00
photo coming soon TB THAT’S ALL FOLKS Maryott, W 2005 Standards: brilliant gold; Falls: white with gold blending to wide muted gold band; Beards: gold 40" M $6.00
photo coming soon TB TOLTEC TALISMAN Edwards, F 2013 Standards: purple; Style Arms: gold, purple midstrpies and crests; Falls: light yellow, heavily overlaid red purple, purple plicata lines; Beards: purple at ends 30" M $15.00
photo coming soon TB TWILIGHT TEAR Filardi, B 2007 Standards: darkest violet black; Falls: black; Beards: dark violet tipped yellow; very faint flowery fragrance 38" M $6.00
photo coming soon TB VOLTAIRE'S CLOAK Nicodemus, B 2005 Self: dark violet-purple self; Standards: fluted; Falls: velvety; Beards: dark violet-purple; wide and ruffled 38" EM $5.00
photo coming soon TB WHITE HOT Tasco, R 2008. Standards: cold white. Style Arms: fringed crest. Falls: cold white with  yellow gold veins on shoulders. Beards: permisson orange. Ruffled: lightly. Fragrance: Slight. 37" EM $6.00
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Collections and Gift Certificates

  Type Variety Description Price
  COLLECTION ARILBRED COLLECTION One 6-rhizome collection of assorted arilbred iris. Collections will include iris of exotic colors and patterns (veining, signals etc) and all bloom early in the season $15.00
  COLLECTION LOUISIANA COLLECTION one 4 - rhizome collection of assorted Louisiana iris. Varied colors. $20.00
  COLLECTION SPURIA COLLECTION one 4 - rhizome collection of assorted Spuria iris. Varied colors. $15.00
  COLLECTION TALL BEARDED COLLECTION one 10 - rhizome collection of assorted tall bearded iris. Choose from the following:
RAINBOW: pastel colors
BUTTERFLY: plicatas, bitones, bicolors and amoenas
FRAGRANT: fragrant varieties, assorted colors
  GIFT CERTIFICATE GIFT CERTIFICATE Any amount requested. Good to use toward purchase of any Kary Iris Gardens merchandise order $?.00
  GIFT CERTIFICATE GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR A ARILBRED COLLECTION Use for purchase of an Arilbred iris collection $15.00
  GIFT CERTIFICATE GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR LOUISIANA COLLECTION Use for purchase of an Louisiana iris collection $20.00
  GIFT CERTIFICATE GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR SPURIA COLLECTION Use for purchase of an Spuria iris collection $15.00
  GIFT CERTIFICATE GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR TALL BEARDED COLLECTION Use for purchase of an Tall Bearded iris collection $25.00
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All iris sold by Kary Iris Gardens have been registered with the American Iris Society